A massive photo of ma face - March 2019, Banff, Alberta

Alice Priestley

Hello! I’m Alice, I’m 26 and (in normal circumstances), live in East London and work in the editorial side of publishing.

Before I started my career, I went travelling for 15 months and worked abroad. During the pandemic and endless lockdowns here in England, the need for some escapism was/is more intense than ever.

So, I decided to launch this passion project: telling the stories of the people I met on my travels and the memories we made along the way, which became…

Alice’s Time Travels.

I hope you enjoy diving into the rabbit hole of nostalgic escapism and get excited for future travel plans to come.

Connect with me in the links below
  • I have a separate self-titled blog, where I write about whatever’s on my mind.
  • Check out this blog’s Instagram feed where the travel spam continues (@alicestimetravels)
  • Sometimes I tweet things. Mostly nonsense.
  • Perhaps we have met somewhere on this planet before? Drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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